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If you've manually added any subscribers to a List this is your chance to have them opt-in properly so you have a record of when and how they subscribed, should you ever be challenged. Fortunately MailChimp have created a really easy solution to this problem by providing a handy "GDPR. Mailchimp offre due alternative per l’opt-in delle tue liste: single opt-in e double opt-in. Se il single opt-in richiede unicamente che gli utenti inseriscano le loro informazioni per essere aggiunti alla tua mailing list, il double opt-in richiede che gli utenti convalidino il proprio indirizzo email prima di essere aggiunti.

From around the industry: MailChimp single opt-in and the GDPR Posted on November 2, 2017 at 3:00 pm Written by Rachel Hughes. On the 24th of October 2017, MailChimp announced a u-turn to their customers which led to some social media trending with the hashtag MailChimpGDPR. 21/02/2018 · In this 5 minute video I show you how to add a double opt in form to Mailchimp and discuss the reasons why you may want to create a new subscriber list come the GDPR implementation date in March. 14/02/2018 · This is a massive topic but here is a small part explanation. 7 minute video outlining the GDPR and how that impacts on your newsletter or other sign up. Good paractice dictates a double optin and a good privacy policy. Watch.

Double opt-in for email Email consent is just one of the many areas within GDPR, but for marketing teams this is a crucial area to be considered as they generally interact with clients more than the rest of the business, and due to this they have to make sure that all of their processes are fully compliant. 10/01/2018 · The GDPR does not specify that double opt-in is a requirement, suggesting that it is not a mandatory step in your GDPR transition. Marketing software provider, HubSpot say "The GDPR is silent on whether this form of consent is required, and unless guidance to the contrary is issued by the EU or our supervisory authority, our view is that this is not mandatory under the GDPR".

01/11/2017 · MailChimp responded to the legal implications around single opt-in and GDPR in a blogpost on 30 October, saying that it made one key change: “If your primary contact address is in the EU, your existing forms will remain double opt-in.”. Lot’s of you are asking about GDPR, the effect it will have and the actions you need to take. Here are 2 of the most common questions we hear relating to GDPR preparations. Do I need to add a double-opt when adding new subscribers? The short answer is no. There’s no requirement under GDPR to have a double opt. One repeated question that keeps coming up within the small business communities is whether you need to switch all your opt-in forms to double opt-in for GDPR. If you want to know the quick and easy answer, find out on my blog here. “Double opt-in”, “single opt-in”,” GDPR”, are few of the words making headlines at the moment. The marketing circles have been buzzing with the latest GDPR practices and how these are changing the way of doing things in every marketing practice. MailChimp allows you to create forms so that when people sign up for the first time to a list, they can see all of this, and then do the double opt-in. This can make GDPR compliance easier see here for information on how to set this up. MailChimp is neither compliant nor non-compliant for GDPR.

What is double opt-in? Double opt-in is a system for adding new contacts to your email list that involves collecting an email address through a signup form and sending a confirmation email to that address in order to validate the contact information before adding it to the list. Having a double opt-in process for email subscribers is the best approach for GDPR compliance. This will involve contacts posting a form, or clicking a box, and then confirming their instruction by clicking a link in a follow-up email. Let's first look at the recommended resources for a double opt-in process. 24/07/2019 · In deze video leg ik uit waar de double opt-in en GDPR-velden voor staan en waarom deze zo belangrijk zijn. Als je organisatie gevestigd is in de EU of als je contactpersonen uit de EU hebt, is het aan te raden om deze opties toe te voegen aan je Mailchimpinschrijfformulier. In de video laat ik zien waar je deze opties kunt aanzetten.

A partire dal 25 maggio 2018 è in vigore il GDPR general data protection regulation, che cambia anche la gestione dei dati personali raccolti e gestiti tramite il web. MailChimp, come altri sistemi di gestione automatizzata delle comunicazioni, rientrano nella tipologia di gestione regolamentata nel GDPR non importa che tu sia una grande. MailChimp e il GDPR. Come quasi tutte le piattaforme online internazionali e a differenza di molte aziende nostrane, MailChimp si è mossa con largo anticipo per prepararsi al GDPR, aggiornando gli accordi che regolano la sua relazione coi titolari degli account.

1. MailChimp, die DSGVO und der Double Opt-in. Der Double Opt-in ist Grundvoraussetzung für sauberes und faires Newsletter-Marketing. Mit Wirkung zum 31.12.2017 stellte MailChimp alle bestehenden Listen auf den Single opt-in um. Wer hier noch nicht tätig wurde, befolgt am besten folgende Anleitung zur Umstellung von Listen auf den zulässigen. MailChimp and GDPR: How to Set up a Subscriber Opt-in Form As you all know by now the General Data Protection Regulations come into force on 25 May this year and marketers therefore need to think about how they're going to make their email marketing strategies GDPR-compliant going forward. Il 24 ottobre Mailchimp ha fatto un annuncio che ha scosso il mondo dell'email marketing, tanto da far pensare ad un qualche "scherzo di Halloween": a partire dal 31 ottobre, tutti i form di iscrizione degli account Mailchimp sono passati dal sistema dal Confirmed Opt-in a quello del Single Opt-in. Le RGPD et le Consentement Respecter la nouvelle réglementation européenne signifie repenser la manière dont vous obtenez le consentement de vos contacts. Les pratiques marketing utilisées sans le consentement clair de chaque individu en vertu de la directive 95/46/CE ne sont plus autorisées selon le RGPD. Qu’est ce que le “soft opt-in.

BLOG 2nd February 2018 Get your email marketing ready for GDPR. GDPR has brought us a new standard for how we deal with our audience's data. When news first reached me of GDPR, like many of us in arts marketing, I almost went through the seven stages of grief. I want to be perfect with the whole GDPR rules. In Germany, a double opt-in is mandatory. To be clear: I want to send an email to my subscribers I got it, with mail2. In this email, I want my subscriber to confirm their will to be subscribed, and also include a link to unsubscribe. And also get those information in Flamingo obviously. 03/11/2017 · All of this adds up to one conclusion: MailChimp has gone bananas. Evidence that MailChimp has simply not thought through this switch to the ghastly single opt-in model becomes ever more clear when you consider that double opt-in is necessary in the European Union as a proof of consent under GDPR and expressly required in Germany. 07/01/2019 · Are you confused about whether to use double opt-in vs. single opt-in for your email list? Email marketing is one of the best ways to engage with visitors and turn them into subscribers and customers. According to Smart Insights, every dollar you spend on email marketing brings you $40 in.

17/05/2018 · “Action Required: GDPR Reconfirmation” may go straight in the Trash. Step 2: Set Up Your Button. Consent is the important thing here, so this button really needs to do something trackable. I don’t really want to sign people directly up to a new Mailchimp list because I have double opt-in switched on. 21/05/2018 · Our MailChimp Integration just got better if that’s even possible 🙌!! If you decide to enable a feature called “Double Opt-In” within your MailChimp List, you will send an opt-in email confirming if your newly added patient/client would like to join 💌!

Single Opt-In vs. Double Opt-In: What’s the Difference? Just so we’re clear, let me explain the fundamental difference between the two. A single opt-in is a one-step process and only requires a person to enter their email address one time in the signup box on a website. If opt-in is good, double opt-in is twice as good! Yeah, you probably saw that one coming. Furthermore, the double opt-in method is actually required by law in some places, which is why it’s always important to stay up-to-date with the current laws of.

Double opt-in lijkt op het moment van schrijven geen expliciete, wettelijke vereiste voor de GDPR, en het lijkt ook niet altijd een briljante gebruikerservaring op te leveren wat op zijn beurt reflecteert in lastige leads en dus ook gevolgen heeft voor je business. UPDATE 30/10/2017 Je hoeft niets te wijzigen in MailChimp. In tegenstelling tot het eerdere bericht, blijft 'double opt-in' binnen de EU de standaard inschrijfprocedure die MailChimp hanteert. Ze waren niet op de hoogte van de aankomende General Data Protection Regulation GDPR.

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